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Peace of Mind in Cardiac Care

Moorestown Visiting Nurse Association utilizes a Tele-Health monitoring system which allows us to know patients' health status each and every day and better manage their care.

The benefits of at home patient monitoring to both the patient and their doctors/physicians, and home-care providers include:

  • Enables caregivers to be proactive and supports necessary changes to treatment plans or medications.
  • Provides solutions for fragile patients, those having difficulty with following care plans or those without a support system.
  • Provides patients with a sense of security knowing our nursing staff are monitoring their health status daily.
  • Reduces preventable ER visits and hospitalizations.
  • Customizable to meet specific disease / chronic management needs.
  • Provides objective health data when needed.
  • Encourages patients to follow their medication and care plans.
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How are patients selected for monitoring?

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  • Patients that have recently been discharged from a hospital or ER.
  • Those having medical conditions requiring frequent monitoring of health data to assist with their care plan.
  • Individuals who can remain in their homes and receive the proper monitoring to avoid admission to alternative living facilities.
  • Patients experiencing difficulty and need assistance with following a medicine, diet, or care plan.
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I'm glad that you came to visit me at home after all my heart problems.- Now that you set me up with the tele-monitor I have even more peace of mind that my heart is working the way it's supposed to.


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